Mission & objectives

Science Overdrive aims to develop an interest in, and instill a passion for science through active collaboration between secondary science teachers and K-8 science teachers.

A local perspective

In addition to sharing our passion for science and science education, our goals keep in mind the daily life of a teacher. We strive to:

A national & international perspective

Young students (grade 8 and below) who are interested in and encouraged in science are more likely to graduate with college degree in science. In a 2006 study by UVA's Dr. Robert Tai [1], 8th graders who expected to have science-related careers were 3.4 times more likely to earn a Bachelors in the physical sciences or engineering than students without similar expectations. Science Overdrive is keenly aware of the dire state of science in the U.S. [2] [3], and its decreasing rate of home-grown scientists. An educated, science-aware, and technologically advancing culture is the basis for economic growth in the modern world we live in. With this in mind, we strive to:

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