Equipment, Method, Materials & Confidence make for brighter kids

Program summary

Science Overdrive provides Virginia SOL-based interactive lessons for K-8 teachers. The 5-session workshop includes class sets of science equipment, worksheets, and PowerPoints. Workshops are run by master teachers of secondary biology, chemistry, and physics who are passionate about their subjects and teaching science. It is FREE for participants.

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25 participants, 3 instructors & a support base

What is a workshop?

A complete workshop consists of 5 sessions over the course of 5 days; 3 hours each. Workshops are organized by grade level so focused SOL topics can be addressed. For example, a typical workshop would include 25 fifth grade science teachers. Workshops are run by three master teachers of secondary biology, chemistry, or physics depending on the topics being addressed. They are interactive, collaborative, relaxed, and fun.

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Calendar showing two options for completing workshops

When are they held?

The complete series of 5 workshops may be completed in one of two ways:

  1. During the school year on Saturday mornings (1 workshop per month beginning in November)
  2. During a week in the summer (1 workshop per day Monday-Friday)

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Free for teachers

Free for teachers

Science Overdrive relies on grants, donations, and school district support to provide the workshops free of charge to participants. Furthermore, stipends are provided given sufficient funding. Science Overdrive will also work with the school district to obtain certification points for its workshops.

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About our mission

Science Overdrive's logo

Science Overdrive aims to develop an interest in, and instill a passion for science through active collaboration between secondary science teachers and K-8 science teachers.

We strive to:

  • Provide effective and extremely useful professional development that may be used towards recertification
  • Provide class sets of all materials, powerpoints, and worksheets to be used in the classroom.

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About our founder

A solo picture of Laura Akesson, founder of Science Overdrive

I love science. I love its objectiveness, problem-solving nature, and its ability to explain and examine the world around us. I have undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Physics and a graduate degree in Physics. I've touched the ATLAS detector and I've seen the birth of a microcircuit in a clean room. Most of the general populace think what's happening at CERN, or what's going on inside their iPhone is beyond them. They are wrong. True science is basic and beautiful, fascinating and incredible. This leads me to my second love: sharing this with other people.

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About our method

  1. We recruit passionate, knowledgeable secondary school teachers
  2. We host a series of workshops designed for K-8 science teachers
  3. We provide equipment, classroom activities, presentation materials, content knowledge and a support network

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