The Program

A group of three is presenting, using a whiteboard

The Program provides K-8 Science Teachers with equipment and Virginia SOL-based content and activities — free of charge, and includes a stipend. It also aims to provide a vertical-support network between Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Science teachers.

The workshops

A typical workshop is targeted to certain grade levels, and includes hands-on involvement from participants and presenters. Constructivist activities are used to present content as well as model lessons for K-8 teachers. All materials, typically class sets, used in the workshops are given to the K-8 teachers when possible. They include such equipment as sets of tuning forks, mirrors, rocket launchers, lenses, calipers, stopwatches, magnets and pen lasers. Creative uses for rubber bands, tinfoil, pvc pipe, paperclips, foam balls, and other affordable 'household' materials are commonly presented. Concepts are enriched through videos, powerpoints, and worksheets, also provided to all participants.


Middle School Session Topic Topics, Materials & Equipment
Session 1 Forces Newton‘s Laws, Gravity, Energy

Motion carts & tracks, masses, electronic balances, timers, meter sticks, wooden blocks, PVC rockets, PowerPoints, Worksheets, additional lab sheets

Download resources: Newton‘s Laws (powerpoint), Newton cars activity (.doc), Gravity presentation (powerpoint), Gravity pop rockets activity (activity | teacher‘s notes), Foam rocket activity
Session 2 Sound Wave Motion & Characteristics, Resonance, Doppler

Tuning forks, Speed of sound lab, Slinkys, snakeys, PowerPoints, Worksheets, additional lab sheets

Download resources: Speed of Sound, Making Waves 1, Making Waves 2, Waves Powerpoint (70MB)
Session 3 Light Properties of Light, Reflection, Refraction

Pen Lasers, Plane Mirrors, Curved Mirrors, Converging & Diverging Lenses, PowerPoints, Worksheets, additional lab sheets

Download resources: Laser Golf (reflection), Plane Mirrors (reflection), Lenses (refraction), Building a Telescope


Grade 5 Session Topic Materials & Equipment
Session 1 The Atom PowerPoints, Worksheets
Session 2 Waves Slinkys, PowerPoints, Worksheets
Session 3 Sound Palm pipes, Pipe cutter, Doppler Balls, Resonance Boxes, Rubber Band Guitars, PowerPoints, Worksheets
Session 4 Light: Reflection Mirrors, Laser Pointers, Curved Mirrors, Light Boxes, PowerPoints, Worksheets
Session 5 Light: Refraction Lenses, Stands, Bulbs, Meter Sticks, Prisms, Flashlight, PowerPoints, Worksheets
Grade 4 Session Topic Materials & Equipment
Session 1 Forces Motion carts & tracks, mass sets, timers, meter sticks, wooden blocks, PowerPoints, Worksheets
Session 2 Energy Springs, Bouncy Balls, PowerPoints, Worksheets
Session 3 Static Electricity Tape, Balloons, Plastic & Glass Rods, Silk & Wool, Pivot Stands, PowerPoints, Worksheets
Session 4 Current Electricity Stringed Light Segments, Hand Crank Generators, Wire, Alligator Clips, Multimeters, PowerPoints, Worksheets
Session 5 Magnetism Permanent Magnets, Compasses, Batteries, Wire, PowerPoints, Worksheets

Benefit to K-8 teachers

Benefit to high school teachers