Supporting Data

Science Overdrive is comprised of teachers who were part of a successful program called PIE (Physics is Elementary) based at Hampton University. The program ran for three consecutive years before funding ended. We knew we had something that made a difference in science education: that motivated, inspired, educated and encouraged teachers. Unfortunately, we didn’t try to quantify this until our final year. Science Overdrive will continue to positively and forcefully impact science education.

Content knowledge

Pre- & Post-test results for 6 teachers Pre- & Post-test scores/5 by topic

Program evaluation

Survey prompts

  1. The PIE workshop today was well-organized.
  2. The PIE workshop today was interesting and engaging.
  3. I learned something today that I can use in my classroom.
  4. I plan to use one or more of the activities from the PIE workshop today in my classroom.
  5. I better understand how to meet some physics-related objectives in my class because of the PIE workshop today.
Program Evaluation Graph - November 2008 Program Evaluation Graph - December 2008

Comments about the program

“I along with other teachers from the Tidewater area, were taught how to make science come alive in our classrooms. Science lessons presented were exciting and creative, and taught us how to energize students in the classroom… In return, the most important thing I was able to learn from the students was “science is fun”... Retaining information taught to these students proved greatly effective when we reviewed their assessments scores. These students showed major success in remembering techniques taught... As an educator, this is what we need to continue to help students succeed in the classrooms.”
– Cynthia Chung, Special Education Teacher, Grade 5.

“As a Physics and AP Physics teacher at a high school decorated with awards for the number of international exchange students , I saw first-hand just how badly the United States was losing the brain race... When I got the opportunity to teach physics concepts to 4th and 5th grade teachers in a program called PIE, Physics is Elementary, I jumped on it. What a thrill it was to participate in a program that struck at the heart of the matter, elementary teachers with physics misconceptions of their own!”
– Andrea (Andi) Geyer, Education Specialist, Virginia Space Grant Consortium

“Totally psyched to use this when we study sound in spring. Excellent!”

“Really fun — we thought of ways to extend activities and challenge our students.”

“The presentation was fun and incredibly informative. I can’t wait to swing a bowing ball from the ceiling.”