We at Science Overdrive are passionate about sharing our experience with Educators and we hope that you would be willing to help! Science Overdrive relies on grants, donations, and school district support to provide the workshops free of charge to participants. We are currently accepting donations via Paypal and below and are grateful for your support of Science Overdrive and science education in Virginia!


A donation to our Paypal account will help us provide classroom materials, teacher stipends and expert content delivery. Due to our non-profit agreement with Paypal, you can be confident that your tax-deductible donation goes directly to affect science education in Virginia.


Another wonderful way to contribute to Science Overdrive is through AmazonSmile. Science Overdrive has set up an account with to allow you to shop as you normally would, but with a charitable donation in our name, direct from Amazon, as a percentage of your checkout total. It's a great way to contribute to Science Overdrive without changing the way you already shop.

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